Since mid 2020, I’ve focused my energy on

. Before joining the founding team to lead design, I worked on various personal projects, freelance work, and corporate/startup jobs.

Fun Projects - Design, Code, From Start to Finish

As someone with a strong interest in crafts, I believe artistry and mastery often come from building.


React · 2020

A graphic editor & library inspired by historically significant designs from 1900 to 2000. The design selected heavily skew toward furniture and industrial designs. The site is built on React and Firebase.

Startup Idea Generator

Machine Learning · 2020

A site that uses keywords to generate startup ideas. All the ideas are pre-generated though a machine learning model. It is trained on more than 1800 historical Y-Combinator startup descriptions on the foundation of GPT-2. 

SF Everywhere

Chrome Extension · 2020

A Chrome extension that turns texts on a webpage into the system default font (San Francisco for Mac OS, Segoe UI for Window). It serves as an alternative to a browser’s Reading Mode. You can use SF Everywhere to improve text readabilities but not completely remove the site design.

Say it

iOS & AR · 2019

An iOS app that adds interactive text overlays to your photos and videos. The text overlay reacts to your facial expressions. This was done in early 2019, before instagram and TikTok popularized the live transcription feature for video recording. 

Product Design - Jobs, Freelances, Internships, Design Exercises

Design case studies are like movies. They are crafted stories and feasts for eyes. To design products in real life, you work with people and endless nuances. Case studies are for references only, ask me for real stories.


5-Day Exercise · 2019

A design exercise to encourage students exploring orientation events and manage their orientation schedules. It was a 5 day project that I covered from research to prototyping. 


4-Day Exercise · 2019

A design exercise to enable people splitting bills effectively. The experience utilizes familiar chat interfaces for the organization of groups. The App also enable various splitting methods. It was a 4 day project that I carried out from research to hi-fidelity UI design. 

Flo Recruit

Freelance · 2019-2020

I spent 8 months freelancing for the legal recruiting platform. I worked on the dashboard for employer and school platform. I also designed and built the marketing website and a CMS driven blog.


Freelance · 2019

I freelanced a few month for the lightweight event planning platform. As a Facebook Event alternative that focuses on privacy and being inclusive to non-facebook users, Mixily allows you to create and manage events, RSVPs, message attendees.


Internship · 2019

I interned on the App team in 2019. My focus was the connection between Music Service Providers and Sonos accounts. I have an overview on how we worked, but the viewing the projects requires a password. 

Interactive Arts - Hardware & Creative Technologist Stuff

Hardware, installations, AR and creative sketches... Some fun stuff that I worked on in the past, exploring technology inspired creativity.

Island of Sounds

Arduino  · 2018

A wireless interactive sound interface that looks like an art piece in a living room. You can compose unique ambience sounds by touching the objects. 

Gesture Map

OpenFrameworks & Kinect · 2020

A gesture controlled map of the ITP floor (my grad school program) made with openFrameworks, OpenCV, blender & Kinect.


p5.js · 2020

A web thing that shows the time with randomized background.


Various Libraries · 2018-2020

Some creative coding sketches, AR experiments, etc.

Other Projects


Product Design · 2018

I spent 2 weeks working on a complete redesign of the ParkAmigo iOS app. 


Web Design · 2017

I worked as a graphic designer at the eyewear brand. I redesigned and maintained the e-commerce site and was in charge of all online and offline graphical assets. 


2-Day Design Exercise  · 2019

A 2-day design exercise to improve the quality of life for children with type-1 diabetes. The app helps patient monitor their glucose level, manage insulin injection alerts and track symptoms. 

Crumb Film

Design & Web Dev· 2019

I started working with Crumb to come up with a few website designs. I ended up implementing a different design for them.