Summer 2019, I interned at Sonos on the App team.

If you are not familiar, Sonos Inc. is the pioneer of multi-room music system. Sonos users use the Sonos App to configure multi-room setups, control content playbacks and automate their home sound experiences. Sonos speakers are mini computers, they play contents directly from services like Spotify & Apple Music through the cloud.

In the intersection of connected home, music streaming and service installations, I led two redesign projects. I collaborated with cross-functional partners across three offices and won summer Hackweek.

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For a quick peek of the general process, below is the framework that I go through with my team at Sonos.


When starting a project, I first go talk to people. Who worked on this before? Are there any existing research done? Who has user data on this? Who should know I am working on this? When I have some hypotheses, I would start looking at competitors and conduct my own research.

Interview Stakeholders
Look for Existing Data
Conduct Research


Very often we get a brief describing the problem on a surface level. We usually spend some time to peel back and define what we should really try to achieve.


After a few quick flow sketches, I usually dive into the component libraries to see if any established design pattern solve the problem. Every other day, I share progress with other designers to gather feedback. Figma prototype was frequently used to do quick tests on On a need basis, researchers would help with recruiting to conduct in-person studies.


Sketch files were branched and merged on Abstract. Design process was documented on Confluence with links to research and testing results.

I am super thankful for all the people I've met at Sonos and learnt a great deal. The summer was filled with intern lunch & learns, company yoga, free concerts and weekend road trips.

If you would like to know more, let's chat!