Week 1 Creative Post

Thoughts on Apple's Mac Pro AR Experience

As mentioned in the first class, I am greatly inspired by how accessible AR is. On the first day of my last internship, it was June 3rd, 2019, the day of Apple's WWDC, where they announced the new Mac Pro:

A machines designed for the "Pros" at a pro price point, it is critical for potential customers to scout out the size of this machine, how would it fit into their workspace. So Apple, who had been investing resources in AR, created an AR experience for customers to virtually place the machine in real world.

Not only was it useful for people with purchasing intent, it was a lot of fun in the office where people just play around with the technology.

It also gives people a new, more intuitive way to explore a 3D model, to zoom, pan and rotate...

Most impressively, the experience can be accessed from the Mac Pro page on apple.com, right in the browser. It is a huge step forward from doing things in standalone native apps. Another example is Snapchat and Instagram's AR Filters. The turning point of distributing AR, when the pre-req software installation is eliminated, the upfront loading time is reduced, and it adds value to expressions or utilities beyond the tech of AR itself.